Spring is in the air

Spring keeps popping it's head out, and then hiding away; if we didn't know we have seasons you could be forgiven for thinking that we might be going into winter. However don't be fooled Spring is in the air, and the Mothers Day, and Easter Daffodils are well, and truly blooming.

Nice days are starting to pop-up every so often, and but don't forget to keep a cagoule on hand in case it hides it's head again.

What's interesting about spring gardening is the opportunity to make changes to your garden that you wouldn't be able to do at any other time of year, it's your chance to change your garden, and put your dream summer garden in play. The weather is nice to be out in, and you still have a chance of flowers blooming come those summer months. Now's the time to look at where to put the barbecue, and where the deck chairs can go. Whatever your dream now's a time to make it happen.

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