Turfing Services


We do a full assessment of your garden to make sure you have no underlining issues that can effect the installation of your new lawn, this may include :

Poor drainage ( clay or compacted ground )

Bad sunlight. ( north facing Gardens )

Over handing trees ( shaded areas )

Chafer Grubs ( lawn Pests )

Once we have checked all the above we can then start the process of installing you new lawn.

We use a local company to source the premium topsoil and fresh cut turf which is cut to order, so within 24hrs the turf is installed which gives it the best start.

The best time to have your turf installed is from spring to late summer as we have the most sunlight to promote the growth and root your lawn before the winter months as the grass will go dormant due to lack of sunlight.

Thankyou for reading and we can't wait to hear from you for your next project.