Mild Winter Gardening

Many of us plan to pack up those garden trowls during the winter months, and stoke up the fire and, put our feet up, however this years sees unseasonably warm temperatures. Many gardeners are a little angst of what to do during unseasonable weather. Many questions are on their minds, should they still leave the garden alone? Is it time to don those wellies and get dirty? Do I need to plant at different times?

In short it will deepend on what type of garden you have, but it's important to know a few trends about what will be happening in gardens across Britain.

Key trends

  • We may see many flowers buds dye off as they come to bloom to early, and get hit by sudden changes in temperature - so we may see fewer flowers blooming in the spring time.

  • Many species of flowers won't be effected, in fact there are many species of flowers which will thrive. There may also be the opportunity to grow wine grapes which otherwise would have died in harsh wintery weather.

  • One of those that often thrive however are those pesky Weeds, and if left to there own devices we may find our garden over run come spring/summer time.

  • Pests and dieases which were checked in check by those winter morning frost may also be more prevalent.

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